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Full Version: Ajax notice send the user
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I am writing a plugin, and want to do when user x, Ajax notice send the user y.

Of course y Audience x.
Sorry,Weak language.Rolleyes
Sorry but I have no idea what you're asking, that English was a bit too incoherent :\
There is solution?
why not answering?
I do not understand the question. I don't think others do either.

Please do not PM for support.
I want if user A click button( Connected to user B) send Ajax notice for user B That user A do this action.
OK, so you want to send a AJAX message to others when a button on their profile clicked ?? If yes then you need to do with it javascript/jquery, since you can't do AJAX directly using "only" PHP. PHP is backend language and Javascripts are front-end.

Try to view this plugin: I hope you can get the hint from it.
Thanks a lot.

what Precisely the difference add_hook and run_hook?