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Full Version: Can't log out & can't log in admin cp?
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i am having a problem which i can't logout of my forum.
and i can't login my acp.

why my admin cp can't login is because when i type in my ID and pass i press login it will still ask me to login again with the same thing no error no nothing just asking me to login again.

and for my forum, i am alreadys logged in, and i try to logout.
when i press logout they say i has been logged out . but it bring me back to index.php with out logging out.
and i have checked my cookies/ board url .

and for my cookies is
path : /

my forum url :

Try setting the cookie domain to in ./inc/settings.php, clear your browser cookies, and try again.
i can now logout my forum , but i still can't login my admin cp.
You already have a thread for this. Stop making duplicates.