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Full Version: plugin repf*ck
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I made a plugin that allows admins to "rep fu*ck" a user
or highrep a user

meaning it resets the users rep points to 0

rep F*ck you can use that instead of banning!
and highrep if a user did something really good and it had massive -points it could set him back to zero

it also is a button on your forums that u press to do.
but would anyone download it if i posted it is the thing?
Why dont you just post it and see.
Totally original idea that you didn't steal from HF! didn't post a link or anything, and this isn't even the correct forum to post a release in...
Similar plugins exist. If you want to make yours stand out, give it more options. Instead of a single button, have a button and 3 checkboxes.

[ ] - Negative
[ ] - Neutral
[ ] - Positive

Depending on the checkboxes checked, it will remove the negative, neutral, and/or positive reputation points of a user. Then your plugin would stand above the others (slightly).