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Full Version: Chat plugin-kingchat
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Description:chat with another user
Version: demo
Author : kingofpersia



[Attachment unapproved due to security vulnerability]

Please write your comments for the final Version.
Looks great! Smile
test it not works there is no any option for configuration of this plugin also when add in browser kingchat.php only you can see it its blank page
Well, I'll try how big the load is.
Nice plugin Wink
At first,nice plugin Smile

But could you make that the text is left written not right. and that you also can start a chat in the profile (i mean a button for profile Wink ) ??
Any new feedback from anybody on how well this works?

Has anybody looked at the code to make sure there is no malware or spyware code in it?

Hi, this is a plugin test and its use is not recommended
Thank you for letting me know.

If anybody knows of a good chat module that can plug into MyBB, I would greatly appreciate you letting me know about it.

no funciona , not fund