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Full Version: FBConnect vulnerability fix
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Since Nayar has not released an updated plugin and since none of the plugin files for FBConnect contain license information I am assuming it was released under GNU/GPL and I am therefore attaching the updated file I sent him so everyone can have access to it.

I have not altered any of the header but have noted the two locations where I have made changes. I am running this modified file on my site without any issues.

So,if you have FBConnect installed, or want to install it, use the attached file and overwrite the existing one in

I think Nayar had already updated this plugin. The latest version on his site is 1.6.1 and one of his posts says:

Nayar Wrote:Plugin updated to 1.6.1
- Fixed XSS registration bug
- Moved ./fbconnect.php to ./fbcore/
about time. I sent it to him 2 months ago and I had not heard anything about it.
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So this file is a vulnerability fix after Nayar´s 1.6.1 version?...or is it exactly part of the 1.6.1 version?. I have the 1.6.1 installed and I´m not sure if I have to download this file. I´m confused.
No, it does basically the same thing as the 1.6.1 update.
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(2012-02-17, 02:37 AM)Sammyed Wrote: [ -> ]TYVM GamerVoid

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So where can you actually download this plugin?

I tried the site if the creator and it's a mess

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