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I am in the process of creating a marketplace modification for MyBB. This modification was already in use here (although it isn't really integrated). The new release will have the full integration with MyBB.

Features so far:
  • Adding listing
  • Listing addons - featured, bolded, dofollow, etc (all at variable prices)
  • Listings are paid for by credits, purchased via PayPal ($1/£1 = 1 credit)
  • Different listing types - bidding, classified and buy it now

I will be releasing this modification free of charge, once it is complete.

Does anyone have any requests?
Will admins have any unique permissions?
(2012-01-06, 09:12 PM)Mebes Net Wrote: [ -> ]Will admins have any unique permissions?

Adding categories. editing categories and deleting categories.
Editing listings, deleting listings, marking listings as sold and moving listing category.
Giving users extra credits or taking away their credits.
This thread is verry old but is the Marketplace in progress ?
(2019-10-04, 11:18 AM)Darkside2019 Wrote: [ -> ]This thread is verry old but is the Marketplace in progress ?

I guess not the user  Toungue was last on here 2012-08-28 probably forgotten about this project. Huh