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Want to start off by thanking you for checking this thread out!

AndroidOwnage is a community that is dedicated to all Android needs! We will cover it from all Roots, to even Top 10 Apps/Games of the week!

Check us out! Android Ownage

We are a new community so please feel free to join us, and help improve our community!

I am open for suggestions as well!
Nice theme! Simple, clean...
The same theme is used by the other MyBB Android forum.
Good deal, anyone have suggestions on how to bring in people though?
Content. You have none.
Well thanks for the input, sadly just found out that I am going to be a dad soon, so I am looking to sell this now, will take any offers on it. Comes with domain/logos/intro vid/youtube acc/gmail acc!
(01-09-2012, 10:25 PM)NightRider Wrote: [ -> ]sadly just found out that I am going to be a dad soon

Sadly? What? Congratulations!

Alas, I don't have a droid. I would recommend re-opening the board up so potential buyers can see content.
Sorry Paul... I didn't mean sadly, I am VERY happy (thank you btw), however I can't do this project, I want to devote time to working and getting ready for the baby..

The forum is empty nothing on it just topics since it was open a few days ago.
Congratulations, I wish you the best. Smile
Thank you!