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Full Version: Automatic post after closing a topic
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Hello! I'd like a plugin that creates a post(something you can set from ACP) after closing a topic. It'd be nice that when it is re-opened to automatically delete the previous post.
Feature already exists withing MyBB

AdminCP -> Configuration -> Moderator Tools -> Add New Thread Tool -> { Close Thread, Add New Reply }

Use that for closing the thread. For re-opening it and deleting the last post...

AdminCP -> Configuration -> Moderator Tools -> Add New Post Tool -> { Delete Post, Open Thread }


That should do it.
Ok buddy, thanks for the answer!Smile

P.S: Is it just me or it doesn't work at all?
What do you mean "it doesn't work at all"?
I tried it, but it doesn't generate any message while closing a thread. Any help?
Can you print screen the settings you've used for the Moderator Tool?

[Image: BmIuU.png]

[Image: 7pmlu.png]
That should work, it works fine for me.

Can you provide a test account with moderator permissions? Post them in the Private Inquiries forum.
I tested it on my local, let me see if on my main domain works fine, i'll come back with an edit.

P.S: Nope, it doesn't work neither, i PM'ed you with login informations for my localhost.
he won't be able to login to your local host it needs to be the online site.
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