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Full Version: List of users? (in a particular group)
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Something like bans.php where users are listed, i wanted to list the users of a particular group; is this easily possible?

Failing that, i'd like a custom page of some sort that would achieve the same thing, but allow me to fill in some fields.

I.e a list of users with column headings such as: User, Reason, Date,

etc where i could list a custom set of users for doing something (that i enter into the field).

Hope thats clear.
EDIT: I want a list of users like bans.php but with one column (or more) where i can enter some custom information.
Giving this a gentle bump.
Like what kind of columns you want there? Or rather what sort of information are you willing to display there? What data?
It just came to me that i mean something like Labrocca's awards plugin, where you can view who received the award and there is a reason column.

For me, i'd want columns (from left to right):

Username Donation Amount Date (would like this auto time stamped).

It's just for my own personal use on my site.
Cheeky bump.