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Full Version: [Request] vBulletin 3.0.7 to MyBB latest version
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If someone could make me a converter from vBulletin 3.0.7 to MyBB! I would be very grateful, unforunately I would not be able to pay though. So please get back to me.

I would suggest either converting to phpBB then to MyBB.

Sorry, but this seems to be the only way, right now. Sad
Even worse, the phpbb converter is hardly working.
And even if it did...converting would be really buggy converting two ways!?
then convert to ipb and then to mybb Wink
or re-create all your user acounts, and copy the posts by loging in and posting :-)
Everyone has a life Smile
>.> That was a bit random, unless you meant it in the way as in he wouldnt have a life if he done that. >.>
considering there are about 8 thousand posts...
hehehe... well, SOMEONE! make him a converter lol.
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