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Full Version: Adding Navigation Links
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I'm using the Novus 2 Cardinal theme and I've encountered an odd header setup in which I cannot figure out how to add links to the menu.

This is the only code that exists in the header:



	<div id="container">
		<a name="top" id="top"></a>
		<div id="header">
			<div class="logo"><a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/index.php"><img src="{$theme['logo']}" alt="{$mybb->settings['bbname']}" title="{$mybb->settings['bbname']}" /></a></div>
			<hr class="hidden" />
		<br class="clear" />
		<div id="content">
		<br />

Subsequently, I thought it must be located somewhere else. I looked into the welcomeblock for members and guest and found the menu links there.

div class="menu">
<li><a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/portal.php"><img src="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/{$theme['imgdir']}/nav/news.png" alt="Portal" title="Portal" />Portal</a></li>
		<li><a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/search.php"><img src="{$theme['imgdir']}/toplinks/search.gif" alt="" title="" />{$lang->toplinks_search}</a></li>
		<li><a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/memberlist.php"><img src="{$theme['imgdir']}/toplinks/memberlist.gif" alt="" title="" />{$lang->toplinks_memberlist}</a></li>
		<li><a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/calendar.php"><img src="{$theme['imgdir']}/toplinks/calendar.gif" alt="" title="" />{$lang->toplinks_calendar}</a></li>
		<li><a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/misc.php?action=help"><img src="{$theme['imgdir']}/toplinks/help.gif" alt="" title="" />{$lang->toplinks_help}</a></li>

When I tried adding links to this area it doesn't have any effect on the navigation bar of my forum. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Also, please note that the theme isn't active on my site for the moment as I am working on it before moving from the old theme. If you really need to see an example say so.
What forum is the theme currently used on?
It's used on, but it's not active as a default theme.
Whoops, just read your thread. If you are logged in as admin and haven't changed the admin template I think that might be why.
If I add them in the header it becomes situated below the actual navbar. I would really just like to add them to the default links, but as I said, when I add links to the user welcome block it doesn't change anything.
Can you switch the theme so I can see? Or give me a temporary account.
I will PM you.
(01-11-2012, 12:26 AM)Andre R. Wrote: [ -> ]Whoops, just read your thread. If you are logged in as admin and haven't changed the admin template I think that might be why.

I did think of that, but when I added it to the admin templates it didn't change anything there, either.