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Full Version: Plugin Manager Question??
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Hello MyBBers(Toungue).

SO, I've been developing plugins for MyBB since 2009. Currently I've 3 plugins active.

Now this a direct question to those who already created plugin and uploaded it and also updated your plugin. I hope you can help me out here.Angel

I've just released a major update for one of my plugin. Now users are liking it but they are also finding some minor bugs. So I've to fix it again and also release minor update for that plugin, but then again it will take 3-4 days to validate. Is there anyway so I can update my plugin immediately?? Because when the new version is out for validation, all of a suddenly that plugin is invisible from MyBB Mod section.Huh

Is there other way to update already existed plugin that I don't know about??

Appreciate your help!!

If you have no experience about this, then please don't bother to reply.
Plugins require manual validation. There's nothing you can do about that.
Thank you for your help.. Then I guess I have to update my plugin less frequently. Toungue

But I think MyBB should change something. It is OK to have plugin manual validation, But when you update the plugin to new version...Old version should stay alive until the new version is approved for validation!! It is just my thought..
It'll be a lot easier to manage plugins when the new mods site is live. Smile
That's cool news.

By the way thanks for you help Nathan.