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My forum is

I'm in my file manager trying to locate the path to change this logo to something else but I'm not sure which file it is. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks alot.........John
It is located at ./forum/images/meeks/header_bkgrd.jpg

Just replace the image with the same filename as header_bkgrd.jpg
Its ./images/meeks/header_bkgrd.jpg Where ./ represents your forum's root folder.
Oh ok....that's easy enough. I thought maybe i could change the source code or something....

Thanks so much...
You could in the header template.
can you tell me where that is?
ACP > Templates and Style > Templates (in the side menu) > Your theme > Header Templates > header

Find the occurrence of the logo image, and you can change it with a small edit.
ok.....thanks alot.....