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Full Version: Mybb 1.4 php versie
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My server gaat een upgrade uitvoeren van de PHP versie 5.2 naar 5.3 werkt mijn forum dat nog steeds onder MYBB 1.4 draait dan nog steeds goed???
though it runs as earlier, it is better to upgrade your forum to the recent version (myBB 1.6.5) . Experts say : you must upgrade myBB
By upgrading the forum I will loose so much content made by plugins. Thats why I do not want to update.
which plugins you have ? your forum URL please .. may be someone experienced can help with upgrading .. you may request / hire here
Admins can log into Users' accounts (1.0)
Ads after first post (2.2)
Advanced Quick Reply Form (1.0.3)
Created by Phenomenon Deactivate Uninstall
Akismet (1.2.1)
Auto Media (1.1.7)
Buddies In UserProfile (1.0)
Country Flags Of Online Users On Index (2.0)
Contact Form (3.0)
Country Flag (3.0)
Extended Buddy System (1.2)
ezGallery Lite (1.0.4)
Forum Icons (2.1)
Game Section (1.2 RC3)
Gravatar (0.1)
Hello World! (1.0)
Help Center (1.4)
Its My Birthday! (2.1.2b)
[Configure Settings]
Lyrics plugin (1.0)
The Minimum Posts Suite (1.1)
Minimum posts to enter a forum (1.0)
MyMood (1.0 Beta)
Multi Video Mycode For MyBB (1.7)
My Youtube (1.3)
MyBlogs (1.0.3)
MyGallery (7.0 Beta)
My Question (1.3)
NewPoints (1.1)
News Ticker (1.0)
Show the users that has been online today (2.0)
Page Manager (1.5)
Permission Box For MyBB 1.4 (1.00)
Adds a permission box on the bottom of a few pages, like in vBulletin
Private Messages Admin (2.4.1)
Simple Calendar on Portal (1.1)
Portal Announcement Text Cut Off (1.0)
Portal Redirect (1.1.0)
Post Counter (1.0)
Post icons on index in the last post (1.0.3)
Profile Picture (1.2)
Posting Profile Icon (2.0)
ProfileTube (1.0)
ProStats (1.6.3)
Prune Members (2.0)
Quick Reply PM (1.0)
Quick Theme! (1.1.1)
Quick Theme OnChange (1.0)
Post On Registration (0.1)
Registration Security Question (1.2)
Side Boxes! (3.0)
Signature image limit (1.0)
Soft Delete (1.24)
Thank You/Like System (1.1)
Trash Can Forum (2.0)
Undo Delete (1.2.1)
View Unread Posts (1.1)
Specific forum banning (1.0.1)
Usermap (1.1)
Username History (1.1)
Installer eens een nieuw mybbforum 165 en probeer de plugins uit, erg veel plugins zijn namelijk compatible te maken met de nieuwste mybb software
I wouldn't let anyone know you have 1.4 because there are many security exploits in 1.4, I do believe.
@spinning , you need not worry much about the plugins - most of them can work with myBB 1.6.5 by doing some modifications ..
see * Updating your Plugins to 1.6.x , * Plugin Changes coming in 1.6.5 , * Script to Update Plugins for 1.6.5