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Full Version: how to get current post id, post time in plugin
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hi friends,

task: freeze post and do not let user to delete or/and edit , if 15 minutes passes after posting.

how i can find post id , post time in my plugin hook function?

any idea or code snipet or already developed plugin????/

many thanks
Which hook are you using at the minute?

If you use the postbit hook, you can just do something like this:

function my_function(&$post)
    $post['pid']; // The post's ID
    $post['dateline']; // The post's time - in UNIX timestamp format
i have worked on core/plain php and framework based like cakephp.

in that scenrio we mostly pass the post id in query string and get in php code by $_GET.

here i am geting fid, which i do not require. if i get pid, i can get uid from db.

but problem is : if i go to post view page, mean i click on post name/description in thread. i go to post view page: link on my local pc is : http://localhost/mybb/thread-8.html

and in my plugin i am targetting the function : showthread_start like

$plugins->add_hook("showthread_start", "mb_hidelinks");

and in my this fucntion i need current post id.

function mb_hidelinks(){
$current_post_id = pid ? ;

any more guide line
acutaly i am making a freeze plugin, i need the pid when a user is viewing the post.
Ah, for what you're trying to do, you'd have to ensure the URL included the PID. You could then use $mybb->input['pid'] to access the PID parameter of the URL. There's no other way to access the PID from the showthread_start hook that I know of.

I would advise using the postbit hook though - it would make your life a LOT easier.

Also, don't use $_GET or $_POST with MyBB - you're advised to use $mybb->input['x'] instead as it does some basic sanitisation for you.
is there any documentation defining all functions and their purpose and usage?

i am not sure what does postbit do.

i am not posting some thing on post view page. i am just reading the post/thread.

e.g, you are on thread listing page. when you click on one post, it goes to post view page, nothing posted there? am i right? or on click they are posting the post id?

any help, any one from mybb technical support?
dudes please provide a comprehensive guide, like and
And finally i solved it from my self. what i needed is here :

global $thread; # all the details of current thread.

$thread_owner_id = $thread['uid'];
$post_created_date = $thread['dateline'];

isnt it???????????

That'll give you the UID of the first poster and the date of the first post, yes (so long as that's what you're looking for? I was under the impression you wanted it for every post in a thread).

As for documentation on the hooks, take a look here:
i have to take the thread owner, obviously owner is posting the first post.

mybb architecture is : if you are creating thread or posting first thread under a thread, you are owner. mybb makes entry in two table: posts and threads.

what i wanted?

i want that if owner of the post is logged in, show edit link till 15 minutes of thread post time. else do not show post edit buttons/links.

how to hide the edit, delete buttons block. i dont know