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Full Version: Update on servers and MyBB website
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As everyone may have noticed, and may have come across in one or more threads, we've been having some server issues as of late due to both a combination of DDoS attacks that are specifically targeting our systems, and just general growth of the product and the various websites we're running.

I'm happy to say that our new data center have just finished provisioning some new hardware for us to move to, and over the coming week (most likely beginning this weekend), we'll be migrating to two new servers in the new facility which gives us plenty of room to grow.

I'm sorry you've had to put up with the slow load times recently, and probably will for a few more days - but things are going to be improving drastically very shortly.

Thanks for the update. Smile

Looking forward to the new server, blazing speeds and more people. Big Grin
Congratulations Chris. The speed is very much improved. Smile
Good to hear, thanks Chris.
Nice to hear from you Chris, thank you. Smile
It improved right after I installed a new modem... Wink

I can't wait for the speed! It works great for me now (25Mbps down Wink)
Good to know!
I must say I noticed the speed increase this morning when browsing threads Smile well done Chris Big Grin
Are costs reasonable? I know that you bare the brunt of the projects costs.
Nice to see a post from you again Chris Smile Glad to hear we're moving to new hardware too - should hopefully help a bit.
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