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Full Version: HDLIS - Phantasy Star HUnewearl Community
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I finally managed to sit down and create a decent site for my PSO HUnewearl community, and of course run myBB for the community forum.

You can take a look here:
PSO, hm? I was quite a fan of the original four PS games a few years ago, they were great Smile

You really need to change some of the default images to go better with that background :|
Working on it, problem is a friend of mine is working on some images and had his sketchbook stolen from a comic store he works at. I had commissioned him for several images two weeks ago, he's currently working on new images and I should have them in a few weeks.
Sounds interesting!

I'll definately check it out more if you don't mind someone who prefers Forces rather then Hunewearl's. :-)
Feel free to check out the community, HDLIS hosts both a HUnewearl community and a FOnewearl communuty, and both link back to Maiden Circuit, the RAcaseal gaming community.