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Full Version: Modifying ACP home completely (without core edits?)
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I'm doing some work for a multiforum host, and we want to modify the ACP home to remove the server information, and add a table below it. Now I've got it all to work, but with the core file edited (/admin/modules/home/home.php)

Now, is there any way to do it without a core edit? The only way I could think of was to make a plugin that runs code on the admin_home_index_start and get the function to runn all of the rest of the code in index.php (with our modifications) (including the run_hooks() statements) and the die();. But that really isn't very elegant Confused

Am I overlooking something really simple here? Toungue

It would depend on what modifications you want. One way would be to use the admin_home_index_begin hook and just set $mybb->input['action'] to anything and remake the page the way you want it.
But I want to modify the default page Toungue

Also, I don't just want to add things, but also remove some stuff that is there Smile
And what I said before should allow you to do that.
ahhh, so set the action to "newhome" or something, then create a custom page for that? I see what you mean now Toungue