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Full Version: Resize Forum/Theme Width?
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Hey guys,

the title says it all,
so I have a differnt theme installed and
its called Hexed
check out my forums,

and its a wide theme,
what I want to do is make the complete
forum width smaller.

thanks in advance.
Your forums won't load for me, I only get a title and nothing else Sad
That's why its hidden from guests,
only registered members are abled to see
the whole community.
post a test user account so that someone experienced can check it ... and what is the width size you want for the forum ?
I want to make it smaller,
perhaps tell me the steps
on making my forum width smaller,
simple right?
it depends on the theme ! basically there might be a main div element (could be container) - you can adjust its width ...
Hey i know just go to themes and style and your theme and click on global css
After pening go to Edit on advance
You will be redirect to a new editor
Go find .container and delow it there is width go and edit it of your choice

Sorry bad english
Great man,
it works thanks alot Big Grin

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