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Hey, i am editing my forum colour scheme, and i need help changing something, so i understand that the .smalltext class is used widely including on the index page. But which templates do i have to edit to change the colour of this, which is at the bottom of the threadlist and thread itself:

[Image: edF9]

it is hard to see but the black text that says who is viewing the thread.

admin panel --> templates --> your theme's templates --> show thread templates --> showthread_usersbrowsing

find code similar to below and modify the style as you like
<span class="smalltext">{$lang->users_browsing_thread} {$onlinemembers}{$onlinesep}{$invisonline}{$onlinesep2}{$guestsonline}</span>

similarly User(s) browsing this forum is available at forumdisplay_usersbrowsing template (in Forum Display Templates)