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Full Version: Help Editing Who's Online Time Scale?
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Can anyone tell me how to edit this:
247 users active in the past 1500000000000 minutes (59 members, 3 of whom are invisible, and 185 guests).

So it just says who's online (like the number of members, and guests etc) I just don't want the time to be shown.

To make my forum look more active, to make users want to join.
it comes from index.lang.php file ( ./inc/languages/english/index.lang.php )

find below phrase at the bottom of the index.lang.php file
$l['online_note'] = "{1} {2} active in the past {3} minutes ({4} {5}, {6} of whom {7} invisible, and {8} {9}).";

change to below phrase , save the file
$l['online_note'] = "{1} {2} active  ({4} {5}, {6} of whom {7} invisible, and {8} {9}).";

Thanks that worked like a charm.