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Full Version: Split Thread (Create a new post after another behind another)
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Hi there,

I've got a thread with about 8500 posts. Right now the first few posts appear in this order:-
-My post
-Someone's post
-My post

My idea is to make it appear in this order:-
-My post
-My post
-Someone's post
-My post

It is, however, crucial that I keep the thread ID, meaning I cannot simply create a new thread and merge the old one to it.

My plan now is to create a new thread, split the current so that it is left with only the first post, merge the new thread with the current one so I now have 2 posts in front and then merge everything else back.

However, it appears that it's essentially impossible to split a thread this big, since attempting to split the thread gives me: "~Nvm, irrelevant~". Not sure about this, but even if I can increase the maximum execution time (from calculations, I require 163 seconds), I would still need to tick the 8000+ checkboxes to leave the first post.

Please advice.

ok, this is how I would do it.

Firstly, reply to the thread wiht the post you want to insert. This will post it at the END of the thread.

Now, note down the PID of the FIRST post in the thread (by hovering over "Post: #XXX" and noting down the "#pidXXX" in the URL at the bottom)

Now, do the same thing for the LAST post in that thread (the one you want to be at the top). Now you should have two PIDs.

Now, go into your database and head to the mybb_posts table. Find the post with the PID of the FIRST post and note down the "dateline". (this will be a number like "1327326704").

Finally, in the same table, find the PID of the LAST post you posted. Edit the row, and change the dateline to the dateline of the other post +1 (making it posted 1 millisecond later). Save and it should work Smile
Very good, I'll try this. Thanks much!
Alright, it turned out there was a MUCH easier way of doing this that no one on my forum thought of until now.

I deleted the 2nd post. Problem solved!