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Full Version: [RELEASE] Serious Theme
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I created a new theme which is realy hmm serious and simple. You can download it here or on . There you find a preview, it is the default theme.

On the package you will find PNG files in the PNG folder. These images you can edit with Fireworks. I have no idea if they also are editable with Photoshop.

Have fun:


If you have download the theme on an earlyer time at the last edit of this post, please download the theme again and reinstall it. Thanks. Smile

For some critisism i would be very thankfull. Smile
Looks nice! Especially the buttons + template changes.

But I don't really like the 'Huge Size Font'.
The funny thing is, that i changed all fonts to Verdana 12px. But the theme doesnt keep it in each table.
I was just wondering about something, and I've noticed this on another theme on your website. The dot images should only show up when you make a post, but it looks like that dot show up on half the images, including New posts and Hot posts, whether or not you make a post yourself???