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Full Version: how to make radio button in mybb? as there is no view file
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hi all,

i am newbie to templating and such file type structure. i have worked on MVC.

i donot understand, how templates are interacting in mybb. form where templates are coming and calling?

i want to make make some radio buttons for example on ./report.php page

it there could be .php or .mybb or .html file i could add some html code.

but now i am stuck and dont know what to add and how.
can any body help me telling that :
1. how to add some htmt form input on report.php
2. how to handle the code? mean what is its format?

For php, you can add some radio buttons in following format:

Go to the ACP -> Templates & Style -> Templates.

This is where templates can be edited. Find the template for the report page, then edit it.