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Full Version: How do I centre my logo??
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Ok I have uploaded my logo but I dont know how do put it into the centre or the page because at the moment its on the left and looks rubish...any help would be appriciated....
Just add <center> before and </center> after your URL in your template.
no this dosnt just makes it dissappear...
Open your header template ; look for
<div class="logo" align="left">
Change the "left" to "center"
Where do I find the header template???
AdminControlPanel -- Templates ( Modify/Delete ) -- Press "Expand" of The Templates You Use -- Scroll Down Until You Find "Header" Then Press "Change Original" ... Look For The Code and Change To 'center' And Press "Update Template"
I have only found one bit of the code ''<div align="center">'' and I changed that and still does not work...
Can you give us a URL to your forum?
Can you give us a URL to your forum?
why do you want it...I have only set it up today so I dont have a URL just my IP, and i'm not giving you that...ill give you it when Its finished...
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