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Full Version: Subscribed thread legend?
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hi guys

under Index Page > User Control Panel > Subscribed Threads

where is the template to edit this template? i want to change the thread legend for the text/icons.. ive already done the css for it, just need to change the template to point the thread legend to the new css ive done.

user control panel templates --> usercp_subscriptions

hi Smile

ive looked at that but cant see where the thread legend code is to change its css name :s ?
that depends on your theme ; if I am not mistaken , it is thread_legend class for MyBB's default theme ..
ah found it Smile

hmm oki the div class i need to edit for it is "thread_legend smalltext" but cant find it in css styles?
If it's not there it's probably just using inherited styling. Just add a new class to global.css
ah oki thanks, i was thinking that but wasnt sure & dint wanna mess things up! Smile