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Full Version: clickable post count in ACP Users
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while in the ACP > Users & Groups and where ever it shows a post count, I would like to be able to click that and have a new window/tab open with that users posts.

Currently the only way I can find to do this is:
While in ACP copy the users name
Go to the Forum and search for the user name selecting show POSTS (not threads)

Now I can see the exact posts the user made in order to make an executive deciison as to if they are spammers or not.. delete the posts then back to the ACP to ban the IP and delete the user..

too many steps IMHO.. am I missing something here???

Using the Goodbye Spammer plugin will help clear up spam without needing to go into the ACP every time -
thanks, but that is not the only reason I like this feature that I had in my phpBB for 10+ years.. I have the spam thing pretty much down now.. getting very little with the methods I have implemented..

I just think it would be far less clicking and a cleaner means of management of the users in a forum that I do keep a tight reign on.. 5ooo+ women can really get the flames flying Smile

mission accomplished.. however much I would like to not play with the core code, I really wanted this feature..

line 1066
$table->construct_cell("<strong>{$lang->posts}:</strong> {$user['postnum']}");

	$table->construct_cell("<strong>{$lang->posts}:</strong> <a href=../search.php?action=finduser&amp;uid={$user['uid']}>{$user['postnum']}</a>");