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Full Version: sending mail gives HELO and MAIL FROM error
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I just installed MyBB and everything is running fine except for any type of e-mail.

I selected SMTP, I enter the mail relay server of my ISP (I make sure that the “mail from” is from within the ISP's domain), the port (25), no username or password and no encryption.

However in the system mail log I find two errors for each attempt to send a mail:

When I telnet from the box itself I can manually send an e-mail using smtp commands

After a network trace I saw that MyBB adds the name of the SMTP server it's connecting to as parameter of the HELO command.
This is an incorrect implementation which gives problems with some relay servers (like my ISP's relay server)

this is what MyBB does:
Quote:(mybb makes a connection to the SMTP server as configured in the admin CP: "smtp.myispdomain.tld")
220 smtp.myispdomain.tld ESMTP server ready
HELO smtp.myispdomain.tld
501 HELO You are not smtp.myispdomain.tld
MAIL FROM:<[email protected]>
(connection closed)
The part I marked in bold is the source of the error, this should be the FQDN of the mybb server, to identify yourself to the server you're connecting to. You know what server you're connecting to, there's no need to repeat it ... the HELO command is not intended to be polite, it has the purpose to identify >yourself<.

MyBB manages to launch a MAIL FROM command but the connection is closed by the remote server and no responce is given, hence the 2nd error

(I edited my 1st post to remove information that wasn't needed)

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