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Full Version: PM Count
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How would I go about getting an unread PM count to put in my header?

Right now, I have in my header, a list item called messages which takes you to your pm box if you are logged in, and takes you to the register/log in screen when you are not.

If you are logged in, I want it to show Messages (Number of unread messages.)
Ex. Messages (1)

Is there a way to do that?
mybb shows this by default...anyway,
use this code to show it
Messages ({$pms_unread})

also have a look at what imperial theme does with the PMs
Thank you, but that doesn't work. This shows up when I get a new pm.

[Image: PMCount.png]
Let me recheck the variables......ummm
try {$unreadpms} see if that works
Same thing as before. Nothing show in the parenthesis.
I gotcha.
this should definitely work
(2012-03-09, 06:07 AM)t_virus Wrote: [ -> ]I gotcha.
this should definitely work


Blush yeah that's right =')
Ok, now THAT worked like a charm! Thanks guys!