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Full Version: Help on locating the template files
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In the default templates set, I need to make two changes

1. like to change the "quite edit and full edit" pop up into two buttons

2. For "New Thread", "Full Edit" and "New Reply", I like to resize the default width of the textarea - now it's too narrow, I expect it to be 100%, like the one at "Quick Reply".

Appreciate help ...
go to ACP>> themes and templates >>
create a new theme which inherits data from default activate and make changes in its templates

you can edit templates from the templates link on the same page.
don't edit default themes as it will help you revert back

mybb templates are stores on database so there are no actual files for the can edit only from acp =]
Thanks for the info. Before that I directly changed the default template - not a good habit. Yes, I should copy from now on.
Some answers after some looking into it:

Edit POst Template > editpost
New Reply Template > newreply
New Thread Template > newthread

We just need to add
style="width: 100%"