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Full Version: Link Color Change
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Hey Guys,

I want to be able to setup my new threads/post where when you have a new one the color of the link will change. Make it more noticeable when I have a new thread.

I found the style in the global.css that impacts these links but the standard css code is not working, at least for color

Quote:.subject_new {
font-weight: bold;
font-style: italic;
color: green;

Maybe someone can help me out.

change color: green; to color: green !important;
Worked great! Only one thing, how can I attached that to the "Forum" name link? So when viewers are on the main forum page (where you normally see and image letting you know of new post) the link is changing color as well?

The above code works great when you go into the forum but I like to also have the notification on forum home page.