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Full Version: Renewed!
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Today we finished our new website:

The website is about a (Dutch) chatbox with it's own community forums of course, and much more!

We are still using the old skin, but we are developing a new one for version 1.2 ( which can be found here: )

Please give some comments on the website and the skin on
Great theme.
Any more comments? Smile
© 2006 Chat2b.BE should be under with the Special thanks to:
And the "news" table should be larger, not very read friendly.
hmm.. why isn't it read friendly? I don't see what the problem is. Toungue
The box where the news is, it's too small, you have to scroll 0o
I don't like scrolling 0o
Therefore not really read friendly.
You only have to scroll vertically. Smile

Before you had to scroll horizontally. Toungue

So I think it's normal that a news section is a bit large, not? Toungue
yes it's normal, I think it should be bigger. the box, since your not even using the space under it. Smile
Alright, going to work on it. Toungue
I have to agree with Crakter, it's a little small for a news box.

Move the under the Special Thanks (or above it, whichever you prefer) using the same font size as the Special Thanks.

Then increase the height of the overall layout, because it is generally too small on my resolution.

I don't mind the scrolling, but it just looks too small. o.O

It looks very nice though, I like it, and it'd be cool if you could make the forums completely match the main site somehow. Smile
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