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Full Version: Converted from IPB
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Tossed out the IPB board and got MyBulletinBoard up and running. Didn't convert the database over, but that was fine with me. Very happy with MyBulletinBoard.

KJS Computer Services
nice site, but I think a bit too chunky under the links.
What links? I'm not getting what your saying?

Always looking for ways to make it better Smile
under register, login, members list etc you have a peice called Quick Menu.

Personally, I think its too bulky. What would be nice is say, if you moved that menu to the top right corner area and the google adds to the right of
Quote:KJS Computer Services
--- Portal
Free's up space and makes it look tidier imo (in my opinion). And finally take away the ugly table.

Screenshot attached.
That's a good idea - modified it
much better with the google adds, But I can't seen to see the quick menu links Sad Are they intergrated into the menu?? Cayuse that just cramped. See if you can get it to the right of the logo.
yea I tried that, not the greates css person - just started messing with css this year. css is the only way I can see to do that, suposse a table would work too - just have to use the background image with it -- I'll see what happens, I ran out of time this morning to get the link right
ok, in the header template, find
<a href="$settings[bburl]" class="logo"><img src="$theme[logo]" alt="$settings[bbname]" border="0" /></a>
Replace with
<table class="quicklinks" border="0" width="100%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td valign="top">
<a href="$settings[bburl]" class="logo"><img src="$theme[logo]" alt="$settings[bbname]" border="0" /></a>
</td><td valign="top"><div align="right"><table border="0" align="right" cellpadding="7">
<TR><TD valign="top"><font color="#ffffff">Quick Menu:</font></TD><td>
<a href=""><font color="#ffffff">Contact</font></a>
<br><a href=""><font color="#ffffff">RSS Feeds</font></a>
<br><a href=""><font color="#ffffff">Another link?</font></a>
</TD><td><a href=""><font color="#ffffff">Yahoo! Tips</font></a>
<br><a href=""><font color="#ffffff">My Blog</font></a>
<br><a href=""><font color="#ffffff">Another link?</font></a>
Then open up the css template and add this anywhere
.quicklinks { 
	background-image: url(; 
.logo {
	text-align: right;
	margin: 0;
might be the better place to remember. Anyway, that should do the trick. Enjoy.
Hey thanks for all the help! - Think we got it. I agree, it looks better.

Thanks again
Looking much better. Well done Smile Glad i could help too.

Another suggestion though, your(?) news articles are long, and 10 of them on the portal page makes it load slow, perhaps only show 5 at Admin CP > Board Settings > Change > Portal Settings > Number of announcements to show
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