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Hello,i am using skimlinks affiliate programme.

They gave me such a code :

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

and said me to add it that footer, i added it at the bottom of footer templates but the skimlinks links are not being displayed anywhere ?

Where should i add this code ?

Please Help
Hi @Yoshi Oak

Just jumping on this thread to help get an answer to you quicker!

You're right to add the JavaScript code to a global footer on your site.

Could you please let me know the website your code is installed on (you can contact [email protected] for this if you prefer) and I can check this for you.

To test whether Skimlinks is working yourself, please place this link anywhere on your site:

By clicking on it you will arrive on a confirmation page that will tell you whether your installation is complete or if there’s something you’re still missing.

If you see the success page, both SkimLinks and SkimWords are running on your site. You can customize their settings in the Publisher Interface.

In case the confirmation page shows an error message, please re-follow the instructions shown there.

If you would like to test Skimwords, a great keyword you can enter in a test post is 'ebay' which is currently a definitely converting keyword in Skimwords.

Any other questions, let me know. Smile

Skimlinks Support
It doesn't pay that much to be honest. I run it at HF and earn on average $2-$3 per day which is like nothing for the traffic I have. So if you have 1/10 the traffic I do then you'll likely only earn $5-$10 in a month. Hardly worth it imho.