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Full Version: Edit the editor in the User CP's signature?
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First of all, thanks for reading this. I've been looking about 2 hours now in Google and your community's support page, and all I find is how to align the editor in the User CP's profile to the bottom or remove it, but not how to change the col size of the editor!

I'm using the classic style, and I need to change every editor's (where you can see the MyCodes b, i, u, font, etc. on it) cols from col=70 to col=85.

I found editing a post, submitting thread already, but nowhere could I find the editor for the signature! Could someone please tell me in what template I have to look to change that?

Since its seems that's either hard to do, or you can't picture my problem... I've decided to do some screenshots.

I basically want this from User CP > Change Signature
[Image: part1.png]
to be turned into this
[Image: part2.png]

And yes, I can explain how I added these buttons, what they do (The B on top needs a new image) and even have a menu pop up on certain ones, but not before you guys help me with my problem! =P