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Full Version: Username in templates
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I made a code with help of Template Conditionals plugin.
        <td class="{$alt_bg}" align="center">
        <if $user['fid5'] then>
        <a href="{$user['fid5']}"> {$user['fid5']}</a> <a href="xfire:add_friend?user={$user['fid5']}"><img src="" title="Add this user to your XFire friends!"></img></a>

Everything works fine but I'd like to change one thing - username instead of 'this user' in img title. Tried already {user['username']} but it fails probably because 'username' is href. How to do it?
Not sure if this is what you mean (sorry, it's really late here)
This one prints your own name in all titles. I mean a variable with specific user username as plaintext.
Something like this:
<img src="img_url" alt="" title="Add <func htmlspecialchars_uni><func strip_tags>{$user['username']}</func></func> to your XFire friends!" />
Thanks, worked well.