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Full Version: Two editors running on forum
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As I can put a second editor in the quick response.

As you know to add the editor to the fast response is done through a tutorial and put {$ codebuttons} on the template of rapid response. But you add appears editor.js

Say: I have the editor.js, but if I copy the same editor and upload it with the name of editor2.js (and this I take a few buttons and let you the basics) and I can do to make the editor2.js out in the fast responses and editor.js out to create themes and other things.
someone please help me
Help me please..
So you want to add a second editor as a quick reply, but looking different from the first one?
Exactly, I mean would jscripts folder files: editor.js and editor2.js (this to use for quick answers)

The editor2.js would be the same as the first, only has this I take some buttons to go to the quick response.

I know how to take botoens to the editor, I do not know is how to add the editor2.js only the quick responses.