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Full Version: Mybb More Site Issues.
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Hey, when i tried visiting the Mybb site it wouldn't load at all, all i got was 502 Gateway Error.

Wondering what happened, got the same message a few days ago something must be wrong.

Thanks Big Grin

I've been tweaking a few things with regards to our bot detection/banning, which is why the server was unavailable for a bit just before.

Apologies for the inconvenience.
Happens every morning (the same time) though, Chris.
Yeah, That why I was curious and it does happen every week for me or at least every month.

Glad everything is up again though Smile
(2012-03-18, 07:32 AM)crazy4cs Wrote: [ -> ]Happens every morning (the same time) though, Chris.

I suspect the issue is either caused by the dev site or log rotation + backups. Earlier, it was looking like the dev site which should now be ruled out.
I did try to check my forum for the newest version and it said *Could Not Connect To Mybb Server*
It works now It only didnt work when the main mybb site was down, so i assume the check function is on the same server.