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Hey guys. I've recently come back to mybb, and i'm making themes for public release, but first i'm using localhost.

I know this is a very basic issue, but i cant seem to fix it.

I cant get images in my theme.

Here is my background css.

background: url(mybb/images/New Theme/background.jpg) repeat;

I think it may be the path i set, or not too sure.
How can we help if you're using localhost? I don't know if the path is correct or not.
My folders in my "images" then "New Theme" folder, sorry.
So it would be http://localhost/mybb/New Theme/background.jpg
But i'm not sure if i include that or just images/New Theme/background.jpg
You should only include images/newtheme/bg.jpg , also the background would be repeated itself unless you add no-repeat so no need to add that attribute (Also I think just repeat attribute is incorrect, either it should be repeat-x or no-repeat but there is no such attribute only called repeat which also might be hindering the background not to be displayed as your attribute isn't correct).
(2012-03-19, 05:04 AM)crazy4cs Wrote: [ -> ]there is no such attribute only called repeat

Yes there is, repeat; applies vertically and horizontally.

(2012-03-19, 05:23 AM)Solidus Wrote: [ -> ]Yes there is, repeat; applies vertically and horizontally.
Ah, it maybe out of my awareness then. Smile

Ahh yeah it may of been the repeat, or the fact i capitalized my folder New Theme, thanks alot. xx