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Full Version: MyBB Mascot Name Voting Thread
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The suggestions are in, and a list of the most popular/inspiring names has been compiled.

Please vote!

Your options are:

Myles Brandon Brown (Odin)
Aaron the Astronaut (Nathan Malcolm)
Bolt [After MyBB founder Chris Boulton] (Mebes Net)
FORONAUT (envira)
Buzz (Tom K.)
AstroBuzz (Mebes Net)
AstroBB (crazy4cs)
BoBBy (labrocca)
O.M.A.R. [Our MyBB Astro Rep] (x-Treme)
Auro (crazy4cs)

You can have multiple votes, but please limit yourself to a maximum of three.

The poll closed in seven days, April 1st, 2012.

No, it's not our April Fool's Joke.
Can we have multivote? I really like two and wouldn't mine either Smile
No! You must choose Tom! Big Grin
Arrghhh! Don't make me D:
I want to vote for he who got his head shaven too Sad
This is defiantly a hard decision. There are many good choices.

I think the voters should consider just how epic "Bolt" is, this name is a similar to MyBB's creator's surname. Having the MyBB mascot be named after the creator is the ultimate appreciation token. Bottom line is, if you love MyBB and you want to show your appreciation and respect for the creator consider voting for "Bolt".
I suppose. Multivote added.
I'm surprised the name Tim wasn't mentioned. (There is a fair similarity between Tim B. and the mascot Wink)


This thread led to the finding of [Issue #1976].
No longer does the MyBB Mascot Naming Contest thread need to be stuck.
(2012-03-25, 09:54 PM)Paul H. Wrote: [ -> ]I suppose. Multivote added.

Can I get a re-vote then? Toungue

Edit: Never noticed the undo-vote option Big Grin.
My pick is Bolt.
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