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Full Version: Suppress IP address being shown in Whos Online
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I'm a new user to MyBB 1.6.6 and I am setting up my first forum.

I have set it up to show Whos online, but when I check the Complete List it shows the users IP address.

I dont want this to show but I can't work out how to suppress it.

Would anyone be able to advise please?

Its OK, I have realised that I am only seeing this because I logged in as the Administrator.

I think that if I log in as a standard user its not seen - which is what I want.

Sorry for being an idiot.


Yes, it's because you're an admin; just so you know, you can control this by going to ACP > Users & Groups > Groups > **choose usergroup** > Miscellaneous tab > Can view IP addresses on who's online? Smile
Always good to create a test account as regular user to explore your site and how everyone else will experience it.