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Full Version: Recaphta II error foreign Langueage
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When using english keyboard settings, the recaphta works fine, even when I have set board language standard to norwegian language. BUT if someone with a norwegian keyboard try to enter the caphta, it got this error:

Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in example/example/public_html/inc/class_captcha.php on line 316

Is there a way to fix this, should I try recaphta III?
PLZ help
EDIT: Incorrect response. Did not read the whole problem first
I did use it from the core, option 1 was Captcha, 2 re Captcha and 3 none. I did choose re Captcha, did go to the site to get public and private key, did enter those in configurations. It did work so I thought everything where OK, but some send me an email telling that it did not work with the Norwegian keyword. I have set the settings now to Captcha, an hope it will work.

The biggest reason I want re Captcha is that my neighbors son, who is a spammer, tould me that a robot with ease did crack the Captcha, but that he had to pay for re Captcha keys, so alot of spammers would then fall off.
Guess it was a good advice, my advice to him to get a normal job,,,did not seems to be just as good advice...............
Sorry. I was totally wrong. For some reason, I went straight to the error, which is usually caused by the Recap plugin being used on 1.6.5 or later.

But there shouldn't be an option for 2 or 3, as far as I know, but that may be wrong (I don't use ReCaptcha at all anymore, and don't see the settings much).

Anyways, about your friend telling you that captchas are easy to get by, that is somewhat true. Recaptcha is still strong, but is getting worse against bots and better against humans. So I would recommend the Registration Security Question plugin, and to change its questions to more unique and difficult ones.
Thanks for answer. I'll try Registration Security Question plugin,

Have just installed it, and changed the q and answers,
Hope it will keep most spammers away

PS: no friend of mine, son of my neighbors
Good luck with stopping the spammers!