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Full Version: Logo not going to url I want
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Posting as a new thread was a reply to previous post.
Home page:
Forum page:
I replaced {$mybb->settings['bburl']}/index.php with in the active theme. When I hover on the logo, I see that it is trying to link to (which doesn't exist).
What am I missing? I've tried quoted and unquoted url, I can go to the functioning link for both pages ( and
Some help please, it's nearly the last part I need to deal with to set my site active
....many thanks
make sure that you are having and not just
Without http:// in front of the URL, it will try to take you to a directory.
Paul and GamerVoid: Many thanks, it fixed the problem. May you both receive unlimited amounts of bacon.
* Josh H. prefers pudding, but will accept bacon Smile Smile