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Full Version: Group Promotions don't work?!
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Am I an idiot, or why does it seem that group promotions doesn't work in my forum? It's Mybb 1.6 and I'm currently testing out group promotions,

Selected in Promotion Requirements the field Post Count
Set Post Count equal to 1
Original User Group is Members (I called it like that)
New User Group is Test
User Group Change Type is Primary Group
Enabled and Enable Logging

But nothing happens when a user has exactly 1. I also tried setting it to "Greater than" 0, but once again, nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong? =O
The group promotions are executed every 20 minutes.
Be patient or go to Admin CP > Tools & Maintenance > Task Manager.
Then click on the [Image: run_task.gif] button right of "User Pruning".
Ooooooh, that makes sense.^^
I guess I'm a little too impatient on a lot of things sometime, thank you so much for telling me! Hope you don't mind that I gave you one point in reputation, I usually want to give something in return when someone helps me out.^^
You can edit it down from 20 minutes.
I can? How would I do that? =O
And would it be something good, or something bad? Like... would the page slow down, or would it not really matter? Well, but to "how can I edit it down from 20 minutes".

I guess I would have to go to Tools & Maintance>Task Manager>Promotion System and then edit the task... but where? Let me think... could it be... Time: Minutes? It does say 5,25,45 there, so... if I would say "every 10 minutes" would it have to look like this: 5,15,25,35,45,55? What do those numbers mean anyways? Like a certain time of the day, like 5 means 10:05 for example, and 25 means 10:25 (and 11:25 and 12:25 and...)?

Sorry for the long reply, it's just a thing that I got used to doing, always explaining what I mean. ^^
You can also put "0,10,20,30,40,50", more simple.
Thank you once again!^^ I'm glad you all helped me out on my problem!