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Full Version: [Premium] Photoshop Bliss 5 - Final! / Colour changer, Draggable Widgets, and more!
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[Image: april-fools-jokes.jpg]
April fools. Heart
You actually got me. Shy
* Crayo was fooled.
I was like "WOW" and then i realize it's all fools day xD
[Image: tumblr_lltzgnHi5F1qzib3wo1_400.jpg]
Such a cute dog. Not as cute as mine, but still,
[Image: tumblr_lltzgnHi5F1qzib3wo1_400.jpg]
In other news, I lost the game.
I was thinking of checking out this theme (well, V4) but it seems the site for the theme is down. What a shame. And yeah, I did read that Jordan stopped developing themes. Shucks. Undecided
Nice.. you got me. I was like "YES!!! I'm buying this for sure!"
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