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Full Version: Show last post also in a category forum
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I have made a own Wiki section and I have set a forum as category but now on the section where you see on the forum the last post it shows a white block..

See the picture:
[Image: forumqt.png]

Is it possible to het also on a category forum showing the last post so it not shows the white block annymore???

Is this not possible, with template need I to edit to get the white block the same color als the background of the forum.

Thanks helping me!!

I see all the info is there (how many discussions, how many messages and last post but everything is moved to the left (out of sync see the picture) how to get it back on the place it need to be???
Can you provide a link of the page?
Because a category doesnt have that detail, only a forum does, it still works if a forum is inside the category, is there?
Okay, I managed to find the buggy page.

Try using a closed forum with sub-forums instead of another category.
It might be that all your other forums have 2 icons, the wiki has 1. So it doesnt align due the whatever plugin did that.
Its no plugin but some editing of templates:

Can u help me maybe to set it so the forum category's have also a icon ???
Tommorow I shall, I will start work on my forum and have a go at the icon.
And have you take a look at it Big Grin