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Full Version: Forum Admin - Good Niche, Paid WELL
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I'm looking for a member or two, to help me out with the forums of the site.
I'm hoping to create a place, where all call of duty gamers, editors, and GFX artists, can come, spend a while, earn awards, post videos, get promotion, and watch other amazing videos while their there.
Basically, I'm looking for a person who can advertise, bring in members, and activity, along with becoming the perfect partner to make the forum a hit.
You will be paid all of the money through account upgrades, and donations, but you will be expected to spend a minimum of 70% on the forum.
But you still make bank in the situation.
The niche, is essentially whats big on youtube now, I have a few famous youtubers (3, all with 2k subs plus) helping out. All of which, have connections to great clans.


Can I be admin?
Most likely, I'm now looking for 1 dedicated admin.

Will I be paid?
Yes, depending on the amount you help, you will get most ad revenue, plus some account upgrades.

Is this going to be a project that will end in a week?
Sure as hell hope not, I've got everything paid off for 8 months, I presume we will grow plenty in that time..

If you want to help out, please fill out this "Application"
(Just because you say "no/none" to any, doesn't mean your immediately denied. I want TRUTHFUL answers)
If you want to help, please fill out this application, Bold are important.

Time Zone/Location:
Time Spent Online/Day:
Experience with Forums in general:
Experience with MyBB:
How can you promote the site:
How do you plan to create activity:
Are you an active youtuber:
Can you invest money:
Do you play CoD:
Do you record/Edit:
Anything else:

Thank you!
Age: 15
Time Zone/Location: Eastern Standard Time (-4:00 GMT)
Time Spent Online/Day: Normally several hours
Experience with Forums in general: Extensive, moderated/admin to several
Experience with MyBB: Advanced, but not good enough to easily make many core edits.
How can you promote the site: Through other websites, advertising, there are plenty of ways to do it.
How do you plan to create activity: Contests, other sites
Are you an active youtuber: No, although I post videos occasionally.
Can you invest money: Yes.
Do you play CoD: No.
Do you record/Edit: What do you mean? I can edit the templates and make it look better, and I do a lot with music/some with PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS or Python
Skills: Fast learner, adaptable, mediator, I've built a robot, I'm a musician.
Anything else: I'm currently creating several musical pieces, and I'm creating a website for my dad.
I think the record/edit section was regarding whether you record gameplay footage either with a PVR or software like FRAPS, and editing for editing the videos you record for montages, etc. But since you don't play CoD it's not applicable. Anyway, good luck with it. It sounds like a good opportunity and I play CoD from time to time, but I have my own forum to manage. I hope your site takes off. Smile
Odin, my only issue is lack of actual gaming :3
(04-08-2012, 04:13 AM)iTzz_MaDnEsS Wrote: [ -> ]Odin, my only issue is lack of actual gaming :3

Do you mean CoD gaming, or just gaming in general? Because I'm an avid Portal-ite, as well as an occasional Halo player. Those are just the two most prominent in my collection.
Hmm.. Yea more along the lines of call of duty. :3
Cod, And the youtube things, FYI.