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Full Version: Exclude Forums from "View Todays Posts"
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I would like to know how to exclude specific forums from "View todays Posts" and "View New Posts"

I have RSS feeds and I do not want them included since there are so many of them, plus I have the RSS feeding the portal page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
On your forum, call custom RSS like this

Then, choose the forum. Click it one by one, and hold the CTRL button on your keyboard.
After that, then press button generating syndication url. Use that link for your RSS (each RSS you may have). Smile
FBI: I dont know what you mean by "Call custom RSS" Please explain.

I am using RSS feed poster and I dont want the external RSS feeds coming into my site to be listed in "View Posts". Sorry i didnt clarify that.

Irreligious: Sorry i am looking for something with admin options not user options.

Thank you both very much for the replies.