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Full Version: Layout Issues After Migration
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Long story short, we migrated out site over from one host to another today.

We're using a new install of the forum software, but we're using all our old databases and plugins and what not.

Everything was up and running fine till about 30 minutes ago when our layouts all kinda... changed... When I say changed I mean the way it fits in the browser isn't quite the same.

Here's a screen shot from our ACP...

Here's a screen shot from the forum on the new server...

Here's a screen shot of the same thing on the old server...

Anyone have any ideas as to what happened and how to fix it? I've looked at our templates and all that and they seem to be the same on both hosts.

I'm honestly not sure why switching hosts would do anything. It shouldn't at all. Old and new URLs?
That's exactly what I was thinking also... changing hosts shouldn't have messed with that stuff at all...

Low and behold though, it was all correct this morning when I came and checked on it.

Hm, very strange. Glad it's fixed Smile