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Full Version: HR Line for postbit_signature [Not Working?]
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I'm trying to get a line like this:

[Image: cdQyh.png]

And I looked at the coding for that, and it's the same thing as mine.

<hr size="1" width="25%"  align="center" />

I don't know why it's not giving me a line.

[Image: D2atf.png]

Anyone know a fix? Is there a HR class that needs editing/fixing?
The good news is that the HTML code is displaying fine, just hidden:
-Image Removed-

This means it is a CSS issue, which should be easy to fix. Looking at the CSS as it is parsed, we see there is no background color declaration:
-Image Removed-

So, all you should need to do is open your stylesheet, find the hr class and add the following:
background-color: #000;

That should do the trick:
-Image Removed-

Good luck Smile
Aha, thank You! Worked great! Appreciate it bro.